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JME - Integrity

MoaningsPosted by Roadbloc Wed, September 09, 2015 09:24:44

Lawl. JME. If there is anyone who is 'serious' about the grime scene, it's apparently him. Forever in the shadow of his brother Skepta, this member of Boy Better Know did a decent debut effort called 'Famous?' and then a follow up piece of trash called 'Blam!' where he just used his microphone to big himself up without actually having proven himself first. It came across as weak and big headed.

Anyway, it turns out this very serious Nigerian with a degree, an older brother and a habit of running his mouth on his songs has done another album, this time called 'Integrity,' a word I'm not sure that JME understands. And God help my ears because I'm going to try and review it.

'Pulse 8' is the first track. And it is here we clearly hear a return of JME's junior school production style. Samples most likely just taken straight from free sound libraries or the junk that comes with DAW software are prominent just like in his previous albums. There is a certain slight improvement in his production, an added shine and extra depth in his music, but not much. I bet JME learned how to make music on that Nintendo GameBoy Camera. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I did the exactly the same. I just moved on to Pro-Tools when I went to college. It sounds like JME stuck to Fruity Loops. It's rare I even mention what they may have learned from in the past since it rarely matters, but it is still clear in JME's music. I don't think he's even ready to make music yet, but oh well, this is the product of a digital age just like me and I doubt I'm even ready to write a serious review yet.

"One take!" JME boasts proudly at the end of '96 F**kries' (should it be 96 Fuckries?), after a nearly full first verse of rhyming 'E' with 'E' and the rest of the song boasting about…um… how he doesn't own a BlackBerry and other random stuff that has little relevance. This is encroaching upon 'Blam!' territory once again, the shameless bigging up without any substance to prove any worth. One fucking take? Doesn't mean shit. Limp Bizkit recorded the song 'Stuck' on their first album in one take. And that's Limp Bizkit. Do you want to be on a par with Fred Durst, JME?

Now 'Work' is an interesting song. If you're a jobless benefit scrounger with ten kids that is. I feel insulted being handed these petty bars, these petty junior school lessons he's teaching me, all based on what HE'S done and what I (or 'you') supposedly haven't done. It's the fucking 4th track and I'm already getting annoyed with this three letter'd prick. The sheer audacity of his rhymes and claims makes me want to kill some kittens, which is not a normal reaction when listening to music.

Next up a lesson on how to fucking drive on the road. Because, you know, JME is obviously better than everyone because he's made mistakes before and blah blah blah blah blah blah. Integrity? Bigheaditry more like. I've listened to three fucking albums off this guy now and each one his pissed me off more and more. I can't abide him.

So I stopped. For the second time ever I stopped listening halfway through an album. JME's 'Integrity' may get better after track five but I'll never know because I've had it with listening to this smug prick's common sense life-lessons being spoken over some beat that he cobbled together in a morning. I'm not doing it anymore. I've fucking integrity.

Fuck JME. Fuck serious. Fuck Boy Better Know. Fuck your hired out German whips. Noticed you didn't put that lousy song on the CD.

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