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Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

MoaningsPosted by Roadbloc Wed, March 02, 2016 12:13:31
"I know, I know, I shouldn't even bother with these gossiping, no-pussy getting bloggers."

Let's face it Kanye, without these gossiping, no-pussy getting bloggers, you wouldn't really be famous. 'Yeezus' had me confused, wondering if it was the work of genius or the work of a talentless attention whore. 'The Life of Pablo' answers this question and it is definitely the latter. Disjointed, dysfunctional, depressing are just three words beginning with D that I'd use to describe this album. It is slightly impressive Kanye seems to change his style with nearly every album, and the church choir theme has some interesting moments. But they are only that, mere moments. Kanye spouts his verbal garbage, lyrics only intended to shock, insult and commend himself literally the entire album. Unlike 'Yeezus' which seemed fresh and exciting, 'TLOP' is dull dull boring dull dull garbage shit dull. And just take a look at that cover. What the actual fuck? Look at it! I've seen two year old's finger paint with feces with more talent!

Which just pretty much proves it is not about the music anymore. How could it be? He releases it exclusivity on an unknown corner of the internet and expects people not to pirate it? Comes out with garbage on how he's millions in debt, Mark Suckerberg should bail him out and how he's going to sue Pirate Bay because the exclusive deal flopped? And now he's posting screenshots of his laptop with Pirate Bay tabs open? This is nothing but bait for the gossiping, no-pussy getting bloggers dickhead, the very thing that keeps you a talking point in the eyes of the public.

Why doesn't Taylor Swift just shit on this guy's head whilst he sleeps? I'm sure it's tempting to her, but honestly, she's doing the right thing right now and that is NOTHING. She is seemingly ignoring him. And that is the only way we can get rid of Kanye, his crap music and his asinine statements. Because its the gossiping. no-pussy getting bloggers like me that ignites discussion. And now he's throwing the very people that define his career under the coals.

I don't believe Kanye on any of his claims and I think everything he has done surrounding and in the album has been nothing but an attempt to receive attention, no matter what. And that is why I will not be reviewing any of his albums again, it is not about the music but the hype and the hastags. And I don't want to be part of the making of his career, discussing controversy over things he says in his so-called music. He's full of shit, sometimes by his own admission. And if he told me the sky was blue, I'd take a look out the window to fucking double check.

UPDATE:- It appears Kanye has updated Life of Pablo, making changes to songs post-release. Well done dillweed, you’ve made the first ever Early Access album. I did wonder why a lot of the music appeared to be missing from the tracks.

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