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The Qemists - Warrior Sound

MoaningsPosted by Roadbloc Tue, April 05, 2016 11:09:05

The Qemists jumped into the world on top form. Their first album, Join The Q, was pure audio gold with its perfect blend of electronic and rock, all topped off with fantastic guest singers. However, when it came to their second album, Spirit In The System, things were pretty much the opposite. They had fallen on their own hurdles, creating forty-three minutes of audio garbage. It was amazing to see a group that had come out swinging so strong to crumble and create an album that was on the verge of being both boring and painful to listen to.

Just for clarity, The Qemists are an electronic rock group, their music being close to that of The Prodigy or Pendulum. But better. And more exciting. If you listen to their first album that is. Seriously, stop reading this shit review and listen to Join The Q if you haven't already. You owe it to yourself.

Anyway, I was certain the group was a trio, at least originally anyway, but now looking at their Wikipedia page, they have five members with one member behind them already. And a new album! It's called Warrior Sound and I really do hope they've done a good job.

Well, they have. Warrior Sound is instantly better than Spirit In The System. After a short spoken word intro with some music stuff going on in the background, we get kicked straight into Jungle, a track that defiantly sets the scene for what you're in for in the rest of the album. Drum and bassy, fast, loud guitars and rebellious and defiant lyrics. Gone is the electronic padding and faff of Spirit In The System, introduce yourself to neck-snapping beats, riffs and lyrics. And make sure you get acquainted good because they're not going away. Overall the album feels much more alive than Spirit In The System, it feels more dangerous, insurgent even. As much as it is a gift to society, it's also a middle finger riding into the sunset well over the speed limit.

Warrior Sound doesn't begin to unravel until you start comparing it to Join The Q. Surprisingly, they're not similar albums. If I was to describe the albums in colours, Warrior Sound would get a neon blue or green. Join The Q however would get every neon colour in the spectrum. And that's because Join The Q is simply much more musically colourful. There is a lot more variety. Every song sounds different and stands up on its own merits. In Warrior Sound however, every song begins to sound the same. After a few listens I wasn't even realising when tracks changed, the songs seemingly bleed into one another, not because they do, but because they sound so similar. Sure, there is a shot of adrenaline in Warrior Sound that seems to be missing from a few of the tracks in Join The Q, but it has less substance, an overall thinner sound. More umph, but less smoke blow into your face on take off. Honestly, when compared to Join The Q, Warrior Sound seems… disappointing.

But when compared to Spirit In The System, it’s a definite improvement, without a doubt. It's just a shame they weren’t able to top Join The Q, a task that is looking increasingly difficult for the band to pull off. Either way, Warrior Sound is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Hopefully next time lads, you can pull it off. Whatever you do, don't let your label fuck you up. Don't let them run you. Don't let them run you. Don't let them run you. Don't let them run you.

Rest assured, Warrior Sound gets a place in my music collection. It's a good album. Verging on brilliant at times. I recommend.

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