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Video Game Project

WritingsPosted by Roadbloc Sat, May 21, 2016 11:38:24
As of today I will be winding down my writing projects to focus on a video game project I've been working on and off on for a while now. I've spent the last six months writing a game engine in my spare time and now I need to make some actual game content for it.

The game is to be an adventure game, sort of a spiritual successor to the 90s point and click adventure games in a gameboy-esske visual style. I'm hoping to have three separate campaigns available to players depending on the choices they make within the game.

Whereas I've written several video games before, they were shit and often badly planned. Or just crazy text adventures that nobody would play. Since I have three books published now and have always wanted to try my hand at video games, I've decided now is the time. I'm going to finally fulfill my dream of making a video game.

Expected release year is 2018. It is going to take a long time to create all the content needed. Coding an engine is just the start of it, now is the time for the creation of art assets, sound and music files and data files for the engine to work on. I'm determined to make it a quality product, even if it does have an old-school vibe to it. At the end of the day, a AAA publisher could shit out what I'm doing in a week probably. But since I'm by myself on this (none of my friends seem interested in helping create it with me which is a shame), it'll take me a while to make. Once again, I'll need patience and determination. And once again, I'll be working pretty much full-time throughout all this.

I'm hoping it'll be good enough to sell on Steam. I'll probably have to put it through Greenlight where the rest of the games nobody asked for belong. I'll make it cheap though, I think £3-£5 is a reasonable price, especially if the three separate campaigns idea works out. We'll see.

The engine is pretty much complete although some features will be fleshed out and expanded upon. If you want to see a playable demo I created, click here. It is a short campaign demonstrating the engine features and player mechanics and is comprised of twelve maps. Make sure you read the thread first though. :)


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